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In the Heat of the Moment Instead of Saying That...Try Saying This...

Your response changes your child’s. A slight adjustment in your words and actions can make a huge difference in whether your child escalates or calms. For example, you are trying to make dinner when your child insists, she needs you to help her put a shirt on her bear. If you say, “You need to wait!”  Odds are your child will meltdown on the spot. But if instead you say, “I will help you. What would you like to do while you are waiting for me to finish this?” Your child may surprise you, at least for a few moments, by demonstrating patience you never realized she had. 

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It's Mine! Teaching Your Child to Share

Jenny had been looking forward to seeing her friend and letting their two-year-old children Abigail andIsaac play together, but the visit deteriorated quickly. No matter what toy Isaac picked up, Abigail grabbed it away shouting, “Mine!” She even pushed Isaac when he turned his back to her to protect thetoy in his hand. Jenny was mortified by Abigail’s behavior. When she contacted us Lynn and I assuredher, Abigail was not being aggressive, but she was being two.

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4 Strategies to Help You Reduce Stress and Frustration

The demands of being a parent can feel relentless. Frequent meltdowns wear you down, and leave you feeling powerless to stop them, but you are not. Today, Lynn and I offer you four effective strategies to lower stress by preventing some of the meltdowns from occurring in the first place.

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Talking About Race with Our Children, Whatever their Race

We asked you what information you would like addressed in our blogs.  Many of you responded by asking for information on how to discuss race and the protests with your children.  We turned to Beth Hall, colleague and friend who has spent decades working to combat discrimination.  The following is her guest blog. She sent it along with a note - "It's a thousand words long, feel free to cut it." We couldn't. We found her words thought provoking, personal and helpful. We hope you will too. 

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