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Sleepless in America
Mary Sheedy Kurchinka - Sleepless in America

Is Your Child Misbehaving
or Missing Sleep?

Does your child refuse to cooperate in the morning? Do you dread the constant bickering and fights between siblings, especially late in the afternoon? Does your child get into trouble for not listening or lacking focus? Is it a battle every time your child has to complete a task — any task? Is your child "losing it" over seemingly insignificant issues, like a bad hair day? Does your child seem to "resist" sleep? Are you tired? Really tired?

It is estimated that 60 percent of American children, from infants to teens, are wired and tired, too exhausted to behave well and unable to sleep. Could your child be one of them?

In this refreshingly warm and practical guide, Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka shows you how to:

  • recognize whether your child is misbehaving or missing sleep;
  • identify the everyday decisions that may be innocently disrupting your child's sleep;
  • end the bedtime and nighttime struggles and as a result stop the "misbehaviors" during the day;
  • get the sleep your family needs and deserves.

Sleepless in America sounds the wake-up alarm for the parents of all the "tired and wired" children in America. In a compelling, but easy-to-grasp manner it presents:

  • the scientific link between lack of sleep and children's behavioral problems;
  • the interplay between parent's sleep habits and children's sleep and (mis)behavior;
  • how never-before-recognized "normal" everyday events and issues leave children, even infants, too tense to sleep, even when they are put to bed; practical strategies and real-life examples to help children and their parents get the sleep they so desperately need;
  • strategies for customizing the tools to "fit" your child and family.

What They're Saying

"I learned a lot of things that I am now putting into practice with my 20 month old energetic daughter!" Sarah

"Your book has transformed our lives. I recommend it to everyone I know." Mary

"This letter is a long time coming! I can't thank you enough for your books Raising Your Spirited Child and Sleepless in America. To make a long story short, they got my family on the road to a much happier child." Deirdre

"I have just started to read Sleepless in America and I must say I totally LOVE it!" Tara

"Your book just makes sense. We look forward to using it as a tool to help our family." Stephanie

"The books are AMAZING and so far have been life-altering. Thank you a million times over to Mary and again thanks to you for your info." Wendy

"I LOVED Sleepless in America! My son will be three in January and your book helped so much! I especially loved the case stories; it makes the book so much more personal and not clinical like other books on the subject. Your advice was just so right on target. I realized that often times my son was tired, and my husband and I were lacking patience with him, and that we were mistaken. Now we are so much more patient and understanding." Debra