Credo for Parents of a Spirited Baby



  1. You are not alone. Every year approximately 20 percent of all babies born are spirited. That means that there are millions of other parents who empathize with you and understand the challenges you face. You are not failing as a parent.
  2. Your actions have not made your baby spirited. Spirited infants who can rocket from quiet and calm to red-faced and screaming in seconds are wired with a more reactive arousal system.
  3. It is not your imagination that you are working harder. At any given moment, a spirited baby, compared to a low key baby, is in a state of heightened awareness and reactivity which is why they need extra amounts of attention, touch, and assistance to calm.  Often the right response for the spirited baby runs contrary to traditionally recommended practices, especially those that encourage ignoring a baby’s crying, or not responding quickly.
  4. It is important to be compassionate to yourself.  Your own need for sleep and decent food, a sense of rhythm and predictability to your day is real and legitimate. Taking care of you, is taking care of your baby.  
  5. Celebrate and enjoy the delights of your spirited baby. Let your baby draw you in and wrap around your heart. The power of this child’s gaze is irresistible. Even strangers remark about how alert she is.  Always remember this child is more, passionate, persistent, sensitive, energetic, and alert. These are traits we value in adults!  

For additional information on caring for your baby and yourself, check out my latest book "Raising Your Spirited Baby".

Get your copy today.  Available on Amazon.

Mary Sheedy Kurcinka Ed.D.

"Raising Your Spirited Baby"



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