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Kids, Parents and Power Struggles

"Mary Sheedy Kurcinka has written another excellent book for parents, this one about the seemingly inevitable power struggles between parents and their children. She provides wise, practical, and clear suggestions on how to avoid these conflicts and manage them better, chiefly by understanding the emotions that are fueling them. If only we all had this book a generation ago!"

– William B. Carey, M.D., director of behavioral pediatrics
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
author of Understanding Your Child's Temperament

"Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles is a helpful addition to the parenting literature and a delight to read. Kurcinka's vivid descriptions bring to light common conflicts, but her primary lesson is that power struggles give parents an opportunity to teach their children better ways of expressing frustration, anger, jealousy, and other emotions. Kurcinka also helps us recognize the role that temperament, both our own and our child's, plays in family life – and that continues success depends on respecting our differences."

– Stella Chess, M.D., professor of child psychiatry
New York University Medical School
author of Goodness of Fit