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Kids, Parents and Power Struggles
Table of Contents
Part One A New Perspective On Power Struggles
One Winning For A Lifetime
Part Two Building The Connections
Two Emotion Coaching: The Decision To Connect
Three Bringing Down The Intensity: You’re The Role Model
Four Enforcing Your Standards And Staying Connected
Five Stopping The Tantrums: Teaching Kids How To Soothe And Calm Themselves
Six Empathy: What Really Keeps Kids Working With You
Part Three Caring: Knowing Yourself And Your Child
Seven What Fuels Power Struggles: Identifying The Real Feelings And Needs
Eight Why You Blow: Understanding Your Temperament
Nine Why Your Child Loses It: Understanding Your Child’s Temperament
Ten The “Silent Treatment” Vs. The Talking Machine: Understanding Introverts And Extroverts
Eleven Too Sensitive Or Too Analytical? How We Make Decisions
Twelve When The Struggles Are More Than Normal: Recognizing Medical Issues
Part Four Developing Competence: Teaching Life's Essential Skills
Thirteen Stressed-Out Kids: Learning To Deal With Life’s Ups And Downs
Fourteen I Will! I Won’t! Balancing Boundaries And Independence
Fifteen You’re Not My Boss! Learning To Be Assertive Rather Than Aggressive
Sixteen Can We Talk About This? Learning To Get Along With Others
Part Five Celebrating The Child Who Is More: Caring, Competent, And Connected