Emotion Coaching and Self-Regulation: Secrets to Preventing Challenging Behaviors and Promoting Independence

Audience: Professionals

When a child wakes in the morning, or enters your classroom door, do you ever immediately sense that she is going to have a bad day? Does your "gut" twist when you "hear" a child before you have even seen him? Are there times when you find yourself disciplining four children before you are 15 minutes into your day?

Learning to self-regulate and reach the appropriate level of arousal is an essential life skill. Until children can tell us with words that they are struggling to calm themselves, they show us with behaviors, and often those behaviors are challenging ones.

Join Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka to learn:

  • The connections between challenging behaviors and under-developed self-regulation skills
  • How to recognize when children are in a state of overarousal
  • Effective emotion coaching techniques for helping children self-regulate and stop challenging behaviors before they start
  • Practical tools to teach children how to self-regulate so they can work independently and/or cooperatively with others
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